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Voice, SMS, Fax and more.

  1. We provide lightweight libraries, which are arranged in a modular architecture.

  2. Built by developers, for developers. Our team strives to supply reliable and clean code.

  3. Our libraries are modular, making it effortless to replace or add any one component.

  4. Most of our features work in a browser, allowing you to use them anywhere you like.

  5. We provide active multi-channel customer support. Feel free to contact us at any time.

  6. Our libraries and code are well tested. Guaranteeing a professional experience.

  7. We strongly believe in Open Source and provide our libraries and examples for free.

  8. Try within our free plan today and take your communication to the next level.

  9. We are continuously improving our libraries and examples. Contact us with your ideas.

Our Node.js library simplifies the integration of into your personal projects. The usage of our library is extremely intuitive and well-documented. We’re working on a superb package.

npm install sipgateio Successfully installed sipgateio

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npm install sipgateio

Take a look at our examples on the left. more examples below. A look at the library certainly doesn’t hurt either.

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All you need to know about our REST/Push API Interfaces and our brand new library. Find out how to integrate telephony features to your project. more Information

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Discover the many ways can help you and your team advance your projects.

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Pricing & Plans


* using any sipgate account
  1. free REST API usage
  2. 100 webhooks calls free
  3. 4,9 ct per additional call


95* Euro
* using any sipgate account
  1. free REST API usage
  2. 100 webhook calls free
  3. 2,9 ct per additional call


95* Euro
* using any sipgate account
  1. free REST API usage
  2. 100 webhook calls free
  3. 1,9 ct per additional call
Webhooks enables you to react automatically to incoming and outgoing calls. It is an API that transmits calling and called-to numbers to a URL specified by you (e.g. your server) and gives you control over the call. Webhooks are billed per phone call. As a rule of thumb: Every time you get a newCall event we will bill one call.


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Take your project to the next level by integrating professional telephony features. It is easily accessible from your sipgate account, no matter if it’s simquadrat on your personal mobile phone or sipgate team for your large-scale enterprise needs.

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    To get started we recommend signing up for a free sipgate basic account. Otherwise please log into your account.

  2. Add to your account.

    Book the free add-on from your feature store or log in and book it within the plans & packages overview.

  3. Use our library or examples.

    Start with one of our examples on GitHub or use our Node.js library. Dive deeper using our REST API. See the documentation.

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Hue Integration

In this tutorial we create a program, which will make the smart lamps in your home blink whenever you get a call.


History Slack Integration

Build an application that polls the sipgate API for new text messages and voicemails. Send notifications about new entries to a slack webhook.


Real time caller data application

Build an application that displays caller information in real time.