Real-time call API

Pass call meta data from any sipgate account to your web server in real-time with our telephony API Developer documentation

See who calls 

Receive call meta data in your CRM or other applications. You’ll be best informed even before you pick up the phone.

Generate call stats 

Get out the best performance possible. Optimize your hotline with detailed stats, monitor utilisation and waiting time.

Map calls 

Manage your hotline routing. Let your script route calls to account managers or nearest branches. Minimize overload and waiting time.

Announcements and menus 

Easily inform your customers or collect data without involving an agent. Skip overload and keep route your calls through menus.

Accept, block, send to voicemail  

Get rid of unwanted calls, automate answers on voicemail, minimize wasted time and block spam.

Landline and mobile works for incoming and outgoing calls – everywhere, on landline and mobile.

What is  

What is is sipgates push API. With booked, we send you call meta data every time someone calls. And when someone picks up. And when someone hangs up.

All functionality is documented on our GitHub page.

How much is it?

All features of the REST API can be used free of charge. Webhook calls are billed per phone call. The number of webhooks fired during a phone call is not taken into account. S

  1. ∞ free REST API calls
  2. 100 webhook calls included
  3. 4.9 p* per additional webhook call M

95* GBP
  1. ∞ free REST API calls
  2. 100 webhook calls included
  3. 2.9 p* per additional webhook call L

95* GBP
  1. ∞ free REST API calls
  2. 100 webhook calls included
  3. 1.9 p* per additional webhook call
What is an additional webhook call?

How do I get ... is available as an additional feature in many sipgate products.
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