Real-world solutions

All of these applications use to integrate telephony in a real-world use case.

Zoho CRM

Never miss a call again, thanks to sipgate for Zoho CRM

Technologies used: webhooks • REST API • OAuth

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Connect your SugarCRM to your sipgate telephony account and handle incoming calls seamlessly! This addon presents caller information in realtime and links to your contacts. Save valuable time and stay focused on the customer with this easy solution. Works with sipgate team, sipgate basic and simquadrat.

Technologies used: webhooks • REST API • OAuth

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PhoneMondo is a cloud CTI and callerID notification solution that helps making telephony much more effective in your company. When the phone rings, PhoneMondo looks up data in different data sources like online phone directories and CRM systems (i.e., Microsoft Outlook). It then shows extra information for the call on your PC screen, in your web browser and/or on your mobile phone. So you can decide before picking up if you want to talk to the caller or not. Calls can be rejected and forwarded with a click.

Notes, tasks, opportunities and other helpful data will make it more easy to make the call a successful call instead of just wasting time while searching for the data of the caller or letting the caller spell his name and address. All calls are stored in a call history in the cloud.

Various reports help you to understand the telephony usage in your company and to detect any problems, i.e. on which time of day do the customers have to wait too long until the call is picked up.

CallerIDs can be compared to spam number listings and can be rejected automatically when PhoneMondo detects that the call is potential spam.

Technologies used: webhooks

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CLINQ is a new product developed by an inside innovation team at sipgate. It makes your telephony completely device agnostic. Teams can collaboprate on calls using channels. The omnibar makes all required actions available without any configuration.

Your customer data is at the center of all your communication using contactmerge, a technology that allows all cloud based CRMs to be connected in seconds.

Need to leave your desk? Just pass your call to your cellphone or any other device connected to CLINQ.

Technologies used: webhooks • REST API • OAuth • sipgate PBX Core

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