Billable API calls only bills one webhook per phone call. REST and additional webhooks are free. APIs is a collection of many APIs in sipgate products. The REST and REST/RTCM APIS are included in your sipgate account and can be used for free. Webhooks are billed per phone call.

  1. REST

    Calls to the sipgate REST API are included in all sipgate products for free. You only pay your phone rates, or if you have a flatrate it's all included. FREE

  2. RTCM

    RTCM (Real-Time Call Manipulation) is a part of the REST API that can execute functions in live calls. Currently all RTCM calls can be used for free, but we might bill some in the future. FREE

  3. Webhooks

    Webhooks are billed per phone call. That means that no matter how many webhooks are triggered per call you will not be billed again. As a rule of thumb: Everytime you get a newCall event we will bill one call.

No matter how many webhooks are triggered. A phone call is only billed once.